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The Big Pond US-German Listening Series #30: Milwaukee’s German Heritage

In cooperation with American and German radio producers and broadcasters the Goethe-Institut USA produces roughly 50 radio features for a program titled The Big Pond. A US-German Listening Series. Features are being broadcasted nation-wide on a weekly basis. All are available for free download in podcast format.
In this episode: Milwaukee has been called the most German city in America – already in the 1840s, large numbers of Germans who were fleeing wars in Europe began settling in the city. In this episode of The Big Pond, producer Carole Zimmer explores the experience of these first-generation German immigrants and looks at how the city has changed for younger generations and the way that they relate to German culture.

Photo © German Fest Milwaukee, Inc.

Digital Only

Date: Thursday, May 30, 2019 - Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Time: 11:00am

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