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Wunderbar Together PopUp Tour: Round-table: "A Ride in 2049" at Germany Week

A Ride in 2049 is an international crossmedia project about the transportation of the future. It shows various approaches to urban transportation ranging from connected, carbon-free cars to autonomous vehicles, and 3D mobility. Which of these approaches could become reality, what will they mean for our cities? And: How might people decide their futures after immersing themselves into the possible cities of 2049? This is being inquired by a virtual reality (VR) experience connected with a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engeneering. The results of the study are being presented at the end of 2019.

Join on May 3rd for a round-table that assembles thinkers and practitioners in the US and in Germany and examines their ways of looking on future urban transportation. The world is becoming increasingly urbanized, and cities are bigger and more populated than ever before. How will urban transportation adapt to their growing needs? People lose hours while commuting every day; Chicagoans lose 138 hours a year due to heavy traffic, third worst in the U.S. New options must be explored now to reduce traffic congestion and improve public transit. What concepts for future urban transportation are attractive for Chicago? And how would they affect the citizens of the Windy City?