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Lecture Tour Frido Mann: "Democracy Will Win" — Denver

Frido Mann addresses the current crisis in the American and European democracies and the need for their restoration, on the basis of transatlantic dialogue. He is going to give lectures in numerous places in the United States and Canada.

Prof. Frido Mann was born in 1940 in Monterey/California. He studied music, catholic theology, and psychology and worked as a clinical psychologist in in Münster, Leipzig and Prague. He now lives in Munich and works as a freelance writer. His recent publications are “An die Musik. Ein autobiographischer Essay” (Ode to Music: An Autobiographical Essay) and -together with Christine Mann -“Es werde Licht. Die Einheit von Geist und Materie in der Quantenphysik” (Let there be Light: The Union of Spirit and Matter in Quantum Physics). In August 2018, S. Fischer published “Das Weiße Haus des Exils” (The White House of Exile) about the Thomas Mann House in Los Angeles.

Lecture Tour Frido Mann: "Democracy Will Win" — Denver

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Denver, CO, USA

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Date: Thursday, September 26, 2019

Denver, CO, USA

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