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PopUp Tour Chicago

Innovation made in Germany!

Taste some German food and drinks! Cast your vote in the German-American Science Slam! Witness the best of German-American music! Celebrate German-American Friendship at this unique multi-day edutainment fair!

We invite you to join us in Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA,  und Portland, OR and engage in the dialogue between German institutions, companies, and visitors thus making The Year of German-American friendship come alive.

A centerpiece of ‘WunderbarTogether / The Year of German-American Friendship’ is its official roadshow: The PopUp Tour combines an impressive culture tent with mobile presentation modules, and various flexible pop-up edutainment elements. Programs range from business conferences, science slams, art exhibits, and concerts to interactive student-focused events. A culinary program enriches the PopUp Tour with an interactive presentation of traditional and contemporary dining and drinking culture from Germany. At the center of the PopUp Tour stands a showcase of German business. German business makes an important contribution to the U.S. economy through direct investment, advanced manufacturing, and high-quality job creation. Moreover, German-style apprenticeship programs offer promising and successful career paths for many Americans. The PopUp Tour highlights the many ways our two countries make each other stronger through our economic and business ties.

We invite you to join us in Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, and Portland, OR. We are looking forward to welcoming you there!

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