Wunderbar Events


As part of the  Deutschlandjahr  the Goethe-Institut will send the „wanderbUS“ on the road and all across the United States in 2019. The wanderbUS is a travelling show and mobile exhibit that will visit High Schools, universities, and public events. A small team of education professionals will perform entertaining and informative show programs at each stop. The idea behind this project is to provide an entertaining and informative introduction into German culture, the German language, and the many facets of German-American friendship. We are hoping to spark interest and curiosity, and to perhaps open a window into the realm of possibilities that come with learning a new language and discovering a new culture. The wanderbUS shows will offer a variety of activities. Our team will adjust its program according to the audience, since we will visit High Schools and universities primarily, but will also be speaking to younger students and adults from time to time. But in any case the shows will be brief and are not planned to take more than an hour. There will be ample opportunities to get in touch with the wanderbUS and its team before and after each visit though, as we intend to continue conversations via social media and through our own website.

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