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Artist Talk: Adam Pendleton

Adam Pendleton works with appropriated historical documents in collage, painting, video, performance, and installation to explore how context influences meaning. Drawing from a vast archive referencing artistic and cultural movements, such as Dada, Minimalism, and the Civil Rights movement, Pendleton reconfigures words, forms, and images to provoke reflection. Much of his work is informed by Pendleton’s self-defined notion of “Black Dada,” on which he published the Black Dada Reader in 2017, a compilation of manifestos and essays designed to bring disparate voices together around the significance of both representation and language.

Adam Pendleton joins Hirshhorn Museum chief curator Stéphane Aquin for a discussion on the conceptual and political underpinnings behind his work, including the installation, Glory, currently on view in Manifesto: Art x Agency.

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